Ann Bellamy – Just Be Normal; Memoirs of a Dissenting Child

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Local artist Ann Bellamy is currently holding an exhibition in the City Gallery in Peterborough Museum. My hometown has a growing circle of creatives and I after seeing some of Ann’s work through social media I was intrigued to explore more. As I gain a lot of inspiration from my local heritage and culture it was exciting to see how another artist from the area interpreted her findings.

Using a combination of illustration, sculpture, installation, and photography Bellamy held up a lens to the quirks of everyday life and transported me back to her memories of growing up.

Several of the wonderful and imaginative illustrations were accompanied with text which at first appeared to be in an unknown language. After studying them I realised they were written phonetically so when spoken the pronunciation is reflected. This worked beautifully, adding an extra dimension of humour and personality, making the piece resonate not only visually but audibly, urging the viewer to hear the phrase in the accent of the subject.

The exhibition was a great inspiration through her use of observation, humour, and self-reflection. It reminded me of what I enjoy about photography, recognising details, embracing the beauty in the everyday or overlooked aspects of life.




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